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NUSA - National permanent Collection Exhibition

Kedai Kopi Sungai Jarom , oil on linen, 2011 My work 'Kedai Kopi Sungai Jarom' is included in NUSA - National Permanent Collection Exhibition and currently showing at National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. Introduction notes taken from exhibition:  The National Art Gallery's exhibition this time will take the audience to view its permanent collection in the context of the Southeast, highlighting the validity, the interpretation and the fiction, as well as tracing the essence of social and cultural structures that form the tapestry of Southeastern in the region. Southeast here refers to the countries within the topology of Southeast Asia. Nusa in Malay maybe translated as motherland or homeland in English. In constructing the narrative, eight segments have been created. Exploring Stories and Connecting World will look from the point of view of historiography, international relations and economic activities that have taken place. Searching for the Essence and things un

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